Talk, Tutor, Explore, Learn:
Intelligent Tutoring and Exploration for Robust Learning

iTalk2Learn is a 3 year collaborative European project (Nov 2012 – Oct 2015) with the aim of developing an open-source intelligent tutoring platform that supports maths learning for students aged 5 to 11.

Our use of cutting-edge technology will allow students to learn from a system in a more natural way than ever before. This will empower educators to deliver the right lesson at the right time for every child, enabling personalised learning at scale.

iTalk2Learn is an interdisciplinary project that pools expertise from machine learning, user modelling, intelligent tutoring systems, natural language processing, educational psychology and mathematics education.

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Key Innovations

Adaptive Sequencer Speech Recognition Exploratory Learning Environments
Lesson recommender that takes into account all historical performance across an entire student base as well as the behavioural patterns of each individual student in order to adapt more intelligently to their needs Ability to interact with and respond to a student’s speech throughout a tutoring session to detect patterns of behaviour, attitude to the learning situation and affective states A rich variety of structured learning tasks and exploratory learning environments to promote both procedural and conceptual knowledge

Who We Are

The iTalk2Learn consortium is a mix of academic and commercial partners who bring experience and expertise in machine learning, speech recognition, maths pedagogy, video game design and online tutoring.

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