Project Overview

iTalk2Learn is a 3 year collaborative European project (Nov 2012 – Oct 2015). The overall aim of the project is to develop a learning platform to support children aged 5 to 11 learning mathematics.

iTalk2Learn EU Project

iTalk2Learn is a collaborative European project.

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Area of focus

In order to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of the above innovations, iTalk2Learn’s target domain is fractions, with a focus upon equivalence, addition and subtraction. Not only is it widely acknowledged that students face particular difficulties when learning about fractions, but fractions afford an unparalleled richness with respect to multiple representations and interpretations.

Maths fractions exercises

Fractions exercise.

iTalk2learn will conduct empirical studies, based upon the above, with 9 to 11 year old students in both classroom and online contexts.

Given this particular area of focus, there are two additional aims for the iTalk2Learn project:

  • Develop rich structured and exploratory content and formal descriptions in the target domain of fractions, including common procedural and conceptual errors, possible solution and intervention strategies.
  • Thoroughly evaluate the developed methods and technologies in studies to assess their benefits and potential interaction.

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