WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation

This work package has two objectives:

  • Coordination and implementation of dissemination activities performed by all partners in the project
  • Planning and preparation of exploitation of project’s results

The objective, works and results of our research will be made publicly available through peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, press releases, web pages and brochures. An important role will be played by the project’s website, which will act as a focus point for all dissemination activities, as well as a central place for consortium’s activities. The website will be fed and maintained on a continuous basis, building on material provided by all the partners during the project. It will also remain available after the end of the project to support further dissemination and exploitation on the market of project’s results.

Whizz staff thanking Rosemead students for their contribution to research

Whizz staff thanking Rosemead students for their contribution to research

The iTalk2Learn consortium is planning to use its broad network of teachers and schools in the UK and Germany to disseminate the learning support system, such that as many teachers and students may benefit from the findings and results of the project.

All dissemination activities will protect the intellectual property involved in the project, as described in Consortium Agreement and under supervision of Work Package 7.

Preparation and planning of exploitation of project’s results will be made via several activities, including:

  • Identification of the project’s results, with a particular focus upon those that are naturally suited for becoming services or products on the market
  • Definition of a consortium’s policy for licensing its products
  • Analysis of reference markets and users to identify targets for direct exploitation activities after the end of the project
  • Analysis of competitors or similar products and services that are available on the market
  • Identification of other types of possible exploitation (including academic and social)
  • Preparation of an exploitation plan, including agreements among partners to better manage future exploitation activities

Finally, this work package will make use of and contribute to existing e-learning (EU) standards, with a dedicated task for this purpose.


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