The iTalk2Learn Platform

iTalk2Learn is a learning platform for 5 to 11 year old children. It is an open source platform that integrates structured practice and exploratory, conceptually-oriented learning. It facilitates interaction in different modalities including speech, as well as multiple representations which can be manipulated and reasoned with when learning fractions.

Two students with their teacher using the platform during a study in March 2014

Two students with their teacher using the platform during a study in March 2014.

The platform combines different technologies, including speech recognition and speech production, with a range of learning systems, such as Whizz, Fractions Tutor and the exploratory learning environment, Fractions Lab. The main aim is to define the interfaces for the different elements of the platform and their interplay. These elements include the learning content that is developed within the different learning systems; the intelligent components that will be developed in the project (including  recommender and intelligent support components); and the intuitive speech interaction features that will also be developed within the project. Additionally, data storage of the relevant information is included in the platform. The overall goal is to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure for the elements of the platform, which are being developed in such a way that those elements can be exchanged independently of each other and, eventually, be replaced by other elements in the future, providing a testbed for future technologies.

Diagram of the iTalk2Learn platform

Software requirements

This table shows the dependencies and source code distribution of the open-source components:

Name of Component GitHub Link Dependencies
it2l-platform it2l-common-core, it2l-speech-orchestration-module, it2l-speech-component
it2l-speech-orchestration-module it2l-common-core, it2l-speech-module
it2l-speech-module it2l-common-core, it2l-speech-jni-interface
it2l-speech-jni-interface ASREngine
it2l-task-independent-support it2l-common-core

Link to prototype

The iTalk2Learn platform prototype is currently being hosted at To request a demo, please contact Sergio at

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