What’s going on behind the scenes?

A summary of the Genoa meeting


Italian partner Testaluna hosted the third project meeting of the Y3 in the vibrant city of Genoa (Italy) on 10th and 11th September.

Through a number of and lively breakout and plenary sessions, the members of the Consortium updated each other on many activities ongoing.

More in details, at the beginning of the first day after a brief introduction, the working team split in several sessions to deepen issues related to:

  • Analysis of status and main steps towards the submission of WP3 deliverables.
  • Updates on summative evaluation activities (which means field trials) and data analysis.

Image 1

After a tasty lunch near the meeting venue and for the entire afternoon the working team continue discussing the status and issues related to the deliverables scheduled for the next months and a couple of managerial issues.

The first part of the second day has been dedicated to get ready for the review meeting. A first draft of the agenda has been suggested and discussed and further details have been analysed through a magnifying glass.

Image 2

Starting from the second part of the morning, the working team focused on how to avoid the “baby-blues” after the project will end. This means that future plans for the iTalk2Learn platform and other exploitation issues (such as legacy and publishing matters) and call planned for the 2016 have been tackled for the whole day.…And as you cannot say that you were in Genoa if you don’t have tasted the Genoese “focaccia”, for the lunch break TL organized an informal and fast lunch in a typical “Focacceria” in the city centre, a behind the scene of this moment can be seen in the picture here below.Image 3