Consult with some of the world’s leading experts in Intelligent Tutoring

iTalk2Learn is a collaboration between leading experts in fields such as machine learning, speech recognition, mathematics education, game design and human-computer interaction. We are soliciting interest from third parties on a range of consultancy opportunities related to our experience and expertise in intelligent tutoring.


We consult on areas including:

  • Intelligent sequencing for digital learning content
  • Hosting and support services for organisations who want to trial iTalk2Learn
  • Designing exploratory learning environments to support conceptual understanding
  • Implementing Fractions Lab in your classroom
  • Using children’s speech recognition models to enhance your learning products

Our partners bring expertise from wide ranging fields in industry and research.

Whizz EducationStiftung Universität HildesheimTesta LunaWhizz Education

SailLabs Technology      RUB      Birkbeck

If you would like to discuss any of these opportunities, or express a general interest in working with iTalk2Learn please get in touch with us at