WP7: Project Management

The aim of this work package is to manage and coordinate communication and interaction between project participants and the commission, as well as to manage the implementation of project tasks. There will be a particular focus upon:

  • Establishment of effective communication between project partners by providing the collaborative infrastructure for the project (project wiki, mailing list, etc.) and by optimizing workflows.
  • Protection of high quality standards for producing deliverables and management of the schedule for timely delivery of all deliverables (including regular project management control reports as requested by the commission).
  • Management of intellectual property produced in the project that facilitates exploitation.
  • Completion of the project within the planned schedule and budget.

Risk management is used to adjust target outcomes of individual work packages to changing situations originating from results delivered throughout the project. The project management team keeps track of the overall results delivered by the project in relation to timeliness and quality of results. An evaluation plan is set up in the first year of the project to define measurements of success for the project. The overall project evaluation measures both the success of individual work package and task goals as well as the overall success of iTalk2Learn based on its milestones.

Two teachers discussing FractionsLab at a Mathematics Specialist Teachers workshop

Two teachers discussing Fractions Lab at a Mathematics Specialist Teachers workshop.


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