Fractions Lab from the Student’s Perspective

You’ve heard why the iTalk2Learn Consortium think Fractions Lab is so exciting and now it’s time to hear what the students think…

The Institute of Education has been trialling Fractions Lab in schools throughout the UK. In this blog post, one of the teachers at Moorside Primary School tells us how the trial impacted upon students in his class.


The children in my Year 5 class have been involved in the trialling of Fractions Lab in the iTalk2Learn platform. Here are some of their comments about their experiences:

I found fractions lab useful because I could visualise what I work[ed] out in my head. [Student L]

Combining shapes together was a great idea. I made lots of fun shapes. I loved it! [Student K]

The number line and the equivalent tools were good. [Student P]

On fractions lab I have two favorite parts. My first … is where you can get half of one fraction and another half of another fraction and make a brand new fraction. My second favorite part is the partition [function]… You have your fraction and you partition it so it would be [a] quarters then eighths. [Student L]

The first time I tried fractions lab, I have to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy it, but once I got to know what all of the features do I ended up moaning when it came to going back to class! Although fractions lab is in its early stages I’m enjoying it massively! [Student D]

Student trying Fractions Lab Fractions Labs trials

These students have struggled with fractions throughout the year. When asked in the first lesson of the academic year, they said that fractions were their least favourite part of maths (along with division). When asked if they wanted to take part in this trial, however, they were very enthusiastic. Some of the students were practically tearing my hand off to get the parental authorisation sheet (no jest)!

Now that we’re reached the end of the trial, it is clear that most of them enjoyed participating. Their understanding of fractions has definitely improved as a result of using Fractions Lab.

Inevitably, not everyone can be pleased; ‘Student J’ complained that he didn’t like it because “all you did was fractions”!

Jonathan Leeming
Year 5 Teacher
Moorside Primary School


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