Wizard-of-Oz Pilot: St Peters School


The Institute of Education (IOE) has been working with schools to complete trials for the iTalk2Learn project. One of the schools that IOE is working with is St Peter’s School. IOE’s current work at the school is focussed upon piloting the Wizard-Of-Oz functionalities and getting feedback from the students about the platform overall.

In the photo below, a researcher is sending a message to the students simulating what the computer could do:

‘Shaded cells do not have to be adjacent’. A discussion ensues between the two students, who call upon the teacher to explain what ‘adjacent’ means. During the post-task interview, it was very encouraging to hear Jeff and Lucas reflecting on their interaction using the word ‘adjacent’ in their discourse:

“It helped me because I could speak to it and it would give me feedback […] When me and Lucas were on it we thought of one of [the fractions] and then we kept on [shading all the parts of the whole] next to each other and then the computer said … adjacent … So you can split it all up and it will still be the same but you can move [the shaded parts of the whole] around and I thought that was really helpful.”

Working with students at St Peter's School

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