Welcome to the new iTalk2Learn website!

A new website… the perfect time to fill you in on the old AND the new!

We’re excited to be launching a brand new website (along with this brand new blog!), so that you can easily stay in the know about iTalk2Learn. Take a look around and let us know what you think – we value your feedback!

While you’re here, take this opportunity to be reminded of the highlights of iTalk2Learn up until this point, and then get clued up on where we plan to take the project for the next year and a half and beyond.

iTalk2Learn’s highlights so far

The iTalk2Learn consortium has been busy developing the iTalk2Learn learning platform for almost a year and a half. The first year of the project laid the foundations for the platform through research and development around its various components, including speech recognition, intelligent sequencing and task dependent and independent supports.

We were proud to introduce Fractions Lab; an exploratory learning environment that supports conceptual understanding of fractions. The year reached a climax with the unveiling of the iTalk2Learn prototype, which is the basis of all future work. During this time, you will have been able to catch up on the status of the project via…

  • The previous project website
  • Twitter
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • School studies
  • Industry events.

Some of the most prominent academic and commercial events that iTalk2Learn has attended so far include LASI, CeBIT and the BETT Show. Whizz attended both BETT 2013 and BETT 2014 as representatives of the project. The BETT Show is a fantastic opportunity of the Education and Technology professionals to meet and discuss developments in the market.

iTalk2Learn on BETT 2014

The Institute of Education (IOE) has also been active in spreading the iTalk2Learn vision to teachers across the UK. As well as making a presentation to mathematics education specialists in the Mathematics Education Specialist Interest Group, IOE also held meetings with heads of primary schools in areas such as Heysham, Morecambe and Lancaster (NW England), and discussed possibilities of future involvement with iTalk2Learn.

What can you expect for the next year and a half (and beyond)?

All the preparatory work is starting to pay off and we’re picking up momentum. The next few months promise to be a very busy time, filled with field trials (and hopefully publications!), which will take us closer to realising the iTalk2Learn vision.

As we develop a better understanding of iTalk2Learn’s research outcomes and its commercial potential to meet market needs, you can expect to find us at a lot of meetings, conferences, expositions and fairs. We also intend to run information days and workshops for teachers, ITT providers and policy makers. If you are interested in taking part in any of these events, please get in touch today.

What’s the best way to stay up to date?

To stay up to date with the latest news straight from the iTalk2Learn consortium, make sure you follow us on Twitter!

Follow iTalk2Learn on Twitter @italk2learn

We’ll also continue to update the blog on a regular basis, covering all aspects of our work – from research and development all the way through to commercial applications. If you want to find out more about the project or any of the consortium’s activities, contact us today.